Alexa ranking is one such initiative which is highly reliable and also serves as a benchmark for the companies to realize their presence on the internet. Hence let's try to decode the Alexa ranking factors.  

Alexa Ranking Factors Explained.

Perceiving various Alexa ranking factors.


With the technological advancements happening at a very rapid pace, immense amounts of data is being generated on a daily basis on the internet as it is one of the most prominent platforms for the businesses in order to connect with the customers around the globe. Each and every business corporation on the planet, however big or small seems to be having an official website with a registered domain name. Therefore when the internet users search for a particular product or a service on the Internet the search engine selects the most reliable websites of that particular feature. The selection of a website is directly dependent on its ranking with respect to other websites. To increase the ranking of a particular website many Search Engine Optimisation techniques are used.


Alexa and Alexa ranking factors

With innumerable websites available on the internet for each and every particular category, it is difficult for the users to decide the most reliable and trustworthy website. Therefore many companies have come forward in order to sort out this issue and rank the websites based on their many factors. Alexa ranking is one such initiative which is highly reliable and also serves as a benchmark for the companies to realize their presence on the internet. Hence let’s try to decode the Alexa ranking factors.  


People’s preferences throughout the internet matters

One of the most prominent Alexa ranking factors is the inherent requirement of the people using the internet which is spread throughout the world. The People’s need for the current era forms a major part of Alexa ranking factors, as it is at the most basic level of consideration. Most commonly the internet usage is initiated with a search engine. Therefore some of the most prominent search engines around the world have managed to stay at the topmost positions of the Alexa ranks, as they have kept Alexa ranking factors in their mind.


Alexa ranking factors – Pageviews

Alexa’s Global data panel is nothing but a functional unit of the Alexa ranking mechanism which constantly keeps track of the internet traffic towards a particular website. It collects the website’s traffic data regularly with a rolling free period of over 3 months. The page views that a particular website receives on a daily basis is one of the pre-eminent Alexa ranking factors which enables the website to leverage their ranking on a global scale. Page views, which is one of the most influential Alexa ranking factors, is specifically nothing but, the number of requests that a particular website receives on the internet in a single day. However one must be very clear that if a website receives more than one URL request on a particular day then its pageview is counted as one only.  


Alexa ranking factors – Unique visitors

Another attribute of a website which usually forms a huge part of the Alexa ranking factors is the data provided by the Alexa Global data panel with respect to each and every particular website’s unique visitors. Unique visitors to a particular website is defined as the total number of requests that a website receives, through its domain name access, within a span of 24 hours.

Finally, the combination of the data traffic to a particular website with respect to its Pageviews as well as Unique Visitors form the ultimate Alexa ranking factors in a combined manner. The best website is ranked number 1 in their algorithm.


Influence the Alexa ranking factors or instant buy popularity from SEOJeff

SEOJeff is one of the most influential organisations which helps in improving the website’s Alexa rank by suitably targeting many Alexa ranking factors.  They provide the most effective Search Engine Optimisation techniques, in order to push the ranking of a website towards the sky. It specifically helps in boosting the startup companies by providing efficient backlinks to their website, which is one of the most crucial Alexa ranking factors. They even incorporate artificial intelligence technology in order to find the best suitable strategy to filter the indexes required to control the Alexa ranking factors.  

However, the Alexa ranking factors are not 100% accurate, as the algorithm uses a number of normalization techniques on the data, in order to rule out the uncertainties in them. They even make it very clear that due to the inadequacy of sufficient data with respect to some websites, the ranking might be considered as an approximation, but for the websites with higher rankings indirectly means that the company has strong backup data of the website’s traffic.  

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